We are vegetarian and vegan friendly

We are vegetarian and vegan friendly

We are Vegetarian and Vegan friendly!

Designing a surprise menu is always a great exercise. Designing three different surprise menus including one pescatarian and one vegan/vegetarian is quite challenging, but we love challenge at Dans le Noir ? in Melbourne 😉

The more the merrier

A recent survey has showed that the number of vegetarians in Australia has risen from 1.7 million people in 2012 to more than 2 million in 2016. What a great increase! You are more and more caring about what you eat and we decided from the beginning of the great adventure of Dans le Noir ? at The Como Melbourne to design a tailor made menu to meet your expectations: Vegetarian and Vegan surprise menus are available!

“Seasoned vegan menu”: Meat free, dairy free and 99% Gluten Free Menu

One of our mysterious menu suits any vegan requirements. Enjoy three or five courses meals without any animal products and guaranteed cruelty free. We are flexible and adapt ourselves to your expectations, if you are vegetarian and happy with dairy products you can have the selection of cheeses. If you are vegan, we offer a nice selection of vegan chocolates.

We pay a special attention to your allergies or dietary’s requirements and we will double check your order when you come at the restaurant.

A vegan/vegetarian dining experience like no other

Don’t miss your chance to taste one of our seasonal menus, we change every three months (new one early October!). It isn’t because it is vegan that it is less challenging. It is quite the opposite. Are you sure that you would recognise the tofu in pitch darkness? You can’t rely on your sight, so you have to trust your other senses.

Here is our previous Vegan Menu:

They said about the menu:

The vegetarian and vegan option dishes were amazing! I couldn’t have guessed any of the food but everything was delicious and the waitstaff were amazing in particular Gift was lovely and so helpful. A great outing – Harriet

What an amazing dining experience. The food was not only great (vegan menu), but it really gives you an appreciation for sight and passes you into the reality of what it would be like to be visually impaired for a short period of time. Georgina was our waitress and she was a fantastic host and she deserves respect and praise for her commitment to training and job execution! – James