Two Christmas in Melbourne, two opportunities to experience the darkness

Two Christmas in Melbourne, two opportunities to experience the darkness

Two Christmas in Melbourne,

two opportunities to experience the darkness

Who doesn’t love the great atmosphere of a winter evening? It is cold and windy outside, but we feel comfortable in our warm and cozy socks. We even put the great sweater knitted by our beloved aunt, the one where a deer’s head with a red nose appears.


Christmas is always the same routine, you drink your mulled wine, get a rich meal and your bikini body guide is far far away. But, do you know that there is a wonderful opportunity to get your mulled wine, taste a wonderful three or five courses winter menus (we won’t tell anyone!) AND experience a sensory journey?

Christmas in July

July is right after the End of the Financial Year, so that is the best month to celebrate with your company or your organisation. At Dans le Noir ? Melbourne, located in Chapel Street, we organise business function in the dark and as you have already read our previous article about EOFY (yes you did!), the dining in the dark experience makes you build memorable moments and strengthen your cohesion.

We are open from Thursday to Saturday and we are happy to welcome small and large groups with a regular price (95$ for a 3 courses and 115$ for a 5 courses). Otherwise, we can privatise the venue for your event and tailormade your unforgettable experience and menu options. And don’t forget our group offer on Thursdays where you get a 10% discount for a group of 8 and more.

Christmas Party in December

If you are already looking for an original, playful and powerful Christmas party in Melbourne, then the dark room will suit you! In pitch darkness, there is no preconception brought by your vision, there is no barrier between people. No cellphones are allowed during the dining experience, so you have to talk and interact with your colleague, it’s a complete social detox! In other words, the perfect way to celebrate and reward your team.


Have a look of this amazing review from VenueMob who tried the sensory journey. And as they said :

“As a corporate team outing, or team building exercise, it is a perfect, unique setting to inspire and encourage the breaking down of barriers. Here, your rank or position isn’t as important as your ideas, your thoughts and opinions.”