How do we taste wine in pitch darkness?

How do we taste wine in pitch darkness?

How do we taste wine in pitch darkness?

You probably know how much we love experiencing new adventures in pitch darkness. Today we will share with you some information about the wine tasting in a completely dark environment!

We have already mentioned it in a previous article that the power of the sight is sometimes very reductive, and all of our guests are very surprised when we tell them what they had on their plates and glasses after their experience.

Oenology, one of the most theorized and learnt Art de la Table, is very challenging in complete darkness. This discipline uses the emotions and the memories to translate the taste and flavors of precious beverages.

Fight against your sight preconception

Seeing the purple color of your wine and you would immediately think of a cherry or a berry flavor.  No! At Dans Le Noir ? Melbourne, we want you to rediscover your palate, your nose and taste the product in the most authentic and pure way.

Besides, when people look after the wine label, it is always a way to distort perception and taste of the wine. Would you evaluate two identical wines if they are not announced at the same price?

Increase your senses and concentration

While holding the glass, you are going to face your truth: the REAL taste of your wine. Is it a red? Is it a white? Is it a rosé? Well, it is a fresh one… But how could you recognize the difference between a Sauternes and a Loupiac? Is there any chance you guess well between a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot?

Tasting in the dark involves more concentration, you have to dissociate the textures, the temperature, the flavors… Even the greatest wine specialists in the world could have been wrong in the dark. Trust us, we are all in the same page!

Live an emotional journey

Describe a wine using your emotions and old memories. You smell this glass of wine and maybe remember when you were a young child with your family walking through this deep forest and smelling the mushrooms and the wood. You taste your fermented grape juice and get back to the first time you made some cherry jelly with your Grandma.

At Dans le Noir ? Melbourne, we offer you the opportunity to face and challenge your senses and get all the benefit from this experience. Rediscover your others senses by eating or drinking in complete darkness is the most powerful journey you ever experienced.

Focus on what you taste instead of what you see!