Surprising Birthday in the dark

Surprising Birthday in the dark

Surprising Birthday in the dark

Pardon? Birthday Surprise in the dark is not listed on the top 10 of the birthday surprise ideas for an unforgettable special Day!?
Well, we decided to share some tips.
Let’s remember the last time you organized a Surprise Birthday Party. Excitement, happiness, and an overall of positive emotions are part of your party! But stress as well…
And what if I told that a birthday surprise in the dark is easier to organize than anywhere else. Would you trust me?

It is easy to understand. Invite who you want and make sure they arrive 15 minutes before your buddy. Once they are all in, they will be welcomed by our hosts at Dans le Noir ? at Rydges on Swanston. After grabbing a drink at the bar, they all get in the dining room and wait for your buddy to arrive… seated on their chair, having their drinks, chatting, laughing, and so on… Easy, isn’t it?

Now, what about your buddy? If someone tells you, to come at 7pm, the day of your birthday to a restaurant… Easy again, isn’t it?
Let’s now imagine your buddy, arriving on time at the restaurant, no one there, even you. The host welcomes her/him, offers a drink while waiting.
And suddenly, the most exciting moment starts.

Your buddy is asked to leave all her/his belongings in a locker, no phone, no camera, no watch (and no candles 😉)… her/his drink on the right hand, her/his left hand on the left shoulder of our guide, let’s get in the dark room – ‘Enjoy your experience’!
And what is coming next? I leave it up to you to guess.

Have fun and Happy Birthday!


Last Saturday, we organized the birthday surprise for Michelle’s husband:
“I just wanted to write to thank you for our amazing experience last night! We all had such an amazing time and Gift was just fantastic!!! My husband was completely shocked, and it was absolutely hilarious hearing (not seeing) his reaction when our friends were talking around him! It took him a little while until he realized it was our friends and not strangers!!! (…) Again, thank you for your amazing service, I cannot thank you enough.”

Prices from $ 89 pp.
To make this birthday surprise even more unforgettable, don’t hesitate any longer to book here: