Are you sure you taste with your senses?

Are you sure you taste with your senses?

Are you sure you taste with your senses?

Have you ever wondered if you eat with your mouth, smell with your nose or touch with your hand? Does your brain take part of the sensory journey?


Well you will be surprised by eating in the dark and confusing red wine with white wine or beef with chicken! In pitch dark, you lose your sight and then you lose the control of your brain. A scientific test has been experienced about a beverage: three identical lemonades but with different colors. One was yellow, the second was brown and the third was pink. All testers have described three different beverages with three different flavors. How fascinating!

High expectations!

What you think about what you have on the plate or glass can influence your perception of taste. Knowing your ingredients in advance or the language used to describe your meal change your perception. You won’t evaluate two identical wines if they are announced at very different prices and may judge better the very expensive one.

Out of the marketing!

The food industry developed a strong and massive marketing campaign about the packaging of your food and then influence your sensory perception. Don’t you think that an elaborate packaging is more tasteful than a standard one? What is the reason that we think a green packaging is more about organic food?

Rediscover your senses with Dans le Noir ? Melbourne

We offer you the opportunity to reeducate your palate and awaken your senses. No obstacle between the food and your perception, you will eat in the most intense way. After the experience, you will be challenged by guessing your food during a debriefing with one of the staff member.

This wonderful unique culinary experience has been designed by our Head Chef, Dinesh Munirathinam combining different textures and flavours. Three surprise menus are adapted in many ways, according to seasons. We are keen to cook fresh products and use organic and seasonal vegetables.

“You don’t taste with your palate, but with your brain” M. Fieldman