Enjoy the White Night Melbourne

Enjoy the White Night Melbourne


Melbourne will host, from Saturday 17 February, its sixth edition of the White Night. Inspired by the international Nuit Blanche movement, which began in Paris (as the restaurant Dans le Noir? what a great coincidence!), White Night takes place in dozens of cities worldwide. Throughout the city of Melbourne, you will find shapes and creatures, colors and light shows. So many performances to celebrate the culture and the creativity.

As we say “opposites attract” so why wouldn’t you begin your night in pitch darkness before entering into the light of Melbourne?

A culinary experience

You need to feed yourself before walking the streets until 7:00am, that is perfect because we have designed 3 surprise menus: Feed Me Chef, Fishermans Cove and the Seasoned Vegan. You will have to choose between the two options: our SUPERIOR menu (entrée, main, dessert) or the DELUXE menu (amuse-bouche, entrée, main, dessert, cheese plate).

Enough with the food? You need to quench your thirst before this long trip! That is wonderful because we have so much drinks options: 3 or 5 glasses of matching wines and our delicious surprise cocktail or mocktail.

A social journey

In the dark, there is no preconception brought by your vision. You can communicate with the people seated at your table in a more intense and authentic way. And who knows, you may make some new friends and come along together for the White Night in Melbourne!

A great performance by guessing your food & drinks!

After the experience, you will be challenged with some questions about what you think you had in your plate. Trust us, you will be surprised by what you did actually eat. Red or white wines have never been so similar. Be creative and intuitive!

Well, you get it … Dining in the dark + White night in Melbourne is the perfect combo for the 17th February.