Interview with the Chef Dinesh Munirathinam

Interview with the Chef Dinesh Munirathinam

Our talented Head Chef Dinesh Munirathinam and his culinary brigade are happy to take the opportunity to offer patrons a unique, unexpected and amazing experience.

What is your background?

I am the Head Chef of the restaurant Dans le Noir ? at the Como Melbourne with 15 years of culinary experience. After completing Hotel Management in India, I started as a Bakery & Pastry chef for The Oberoi Rajvilas. There, I worked with different chefs from Europe, learned classical French and modern European cuisine. After getting my basics clear in Western Cuisine, I worked with different hotel chains in India.

I migrated to Adelaide in 2011 and worked as an Executive Sous Chef for Stamford Grand Hotel in Glenelg. There, I won the Silver Medal for Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge 2012 competition. Also, I spearheaded the kitchen team for “Guiness Record Longest Afternoon on Jetty”.

Then I decided to be in Food Capital to enhance my culinary knowledge. I joined The Como Melbourne. Now I am trying to tick off few projects with this group. I thrive in challenging environments and can offer unique insights from start-up through launch.

How did you design the 3 different surprise menus?

A lot of thought process went in designing these 3 surprise menus. Firstly, I engaged myself with suppliers regarding the freshness and availability of local produce. I consulted with my kitchen brigade regarding their views and then drafted a menu which could excite the guests with flavors and textures. After a couple of trials and based on the feedback from team, I had to fine tune the menu.

How do you deal with allergies?

Over the years, as a chef, I’ve seen more and more customers coming in with allergy awareness and modifications on their orders. Food allergies are a huge part of my training now. My chefs and waiting staff need to be equipped with information about ingredients used in the menu.

Also, the menu is designed in such a way that it could cater for major allergies like nuts and gluten. The surprise menus are nut free and ninety percent of the menu doesn’t contain gluten.

We are doing everything we can to get the food to people with dietary restrictions and trying to push our creative boundary as far as we possibly can. We want our customers to feel comfortable when they come in. We always want them to come back.

How many time per year do you change the menu?

I prefer to change the menu three or four times a year depending upon the season. I feel that a few chefs in industry think that it creates a lot of inconsistency with cooking if they change the menu frequently. But I am against of this thinking. Our food will get better if the menu is revised according to market trends. Without the right process, changing menu can be a big project. With a good process however, it doesn’t have to be.

Did you live the experience? What is your perception about your menu now?

Yes I did. It was a great experience. Even though I knew the menu, it really was a fun and sensory experience!


“Creativity, freshness & simplicity are the key words for us!”