Dans le Noir ? Melbourne celebrates Braille Day

Dans le Noir ? Melbourne celebrates Braille Day

Why those dots on our logo?

Have you ever take a deep look at our logo? Did you recognize all the writing? Do you know what the dots mean? Well, this is Braille dots and it means “Noir”, French for “Black”.

A brilliant invention

Braille is a system of reading and writing invented by Louis Braille in 1829 for blind and visually impaired people. At that time, Louis Braille was a French young boy of 20 years old. He lost his sight at the age of 3, however his parents encouraged him to study. He integrated the National Institute for Blind Youth in Paris at 10 years old and was a brilliant student. Louis thought that there must be a way for blind people to read and write like one another. He decided to develop a smart system and before the age of 20, he invented the very famous Braille.

He learned from a communication system developed by Captain Charles Barbier who served in the French Army. The system shared by Barbier was called “night writing”, which was a communication system with dots and dashes impressed into thick paper. This was used to communicate between soldiers, to share information on battlefield without using any light or voice in order to be discreet.

Louis Braille worked from this idea to build his own system, an easier system to be used by the greatest number of blind and visually impaired. Then, he became teacher at the very same institute where he studied and became a figure in his field. More importantly, his system was spread throughout the world and became the reference for all visually impaired people across the globe.

4th of January : Braille Day

The 4th of January has been declared “Braille day” as a tribute to his inventor who was born a 4th of January. On this very special day, Dans le Noir ? team celebrates this brilliant invention and tells you more about this amazing story.



As this invention, Dans le Noir ? restaurant was created in France as well, by Ethik Investment, an independant European Group founded in Paris in 2003. Dans le Noir? offers customers a unique sensory, human and social experience by eating in pitch darkness, guided and served by either visually impaired or blind staff. The group developed this concept worldwide with permanent restaurants in Paris, Nantes, Nice, London, Barcelona, Madrid, St Petersburg, Auckland and in Melbourne from January 2018.

We have a unique inclusive business model around the world, having 50% of our staff with a disability from management to guide/waiters, without any public or charity support. Because we are convinced that difference and diversity create value, Dans le Noir ? was also created with this objective of creating job opportunity for visually impaired people.